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Irrigation Services

Our emphasis on quality service and repair has taught us the long-term advantages of selecting the best equipment and using the highest possible standards in our designs. Our dependable service has made us a recognized leader in our industry.
  1. Sprinkler System Checkup
    Has your sprinkler system been dormant for a while? As soon as a sprinkler head doesn’t pop up right, the rotor head doesn’t turn correctly, or there is no power to the sprinklers, it’s time for you to call in the experts at ECWW.
  2. Sprinkler System Repair
    You just found out you have a broken sprinkler head and water is gushing out onto your lawn – now what? First, shut off your sprinkler system to prevent flooding, then call the experts at ECWW.
  3. Sprinkler System Reroutes
    There are many reasons why an existing sprinkler system may need to be overhauled or rerouted. Regardless of the reason, ECWW can get the job done!
  4. Yard Drainage Systems
    Sudden downpours or continual rainfall in a very short time can lead to flooding in and around your home. Call ECWW today to protect your property from water damage.
  5. Drains, Catch Basin, Grates
    Some of the many uses for Channel drainage systems include Garages, Driveways, Patios, Walkways, Swimming pools & Tennis courts. Call us at ECWW for a professionally installed system,
  6. French Drains
    If you have a soggy lawn or continual standing water, the solution may be a French drain. A French drain is excellent at collecting and channeling water, diverting it safely away from your home or yard.
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We offer a full range of lawn sprinkler maintenance services which include but are not limited to Sprinkler Pump, Sprinkler Valve, Sprinkler Timer Repair and Replacement, Full Sprinkler Revamps, Scheduled Rust System Maintenance, Scheduled Irrigation System Maintenance, Micro & Drip Irrigation, Water Conservation, Repair Loss of Prime Water, Repair Fluctuating Water Pressure, Repair or Replace Wire and Valve Location, Emergency repair serivce, Sprinkler system installation, Seasonal maintenance, Monthly maintenance, Locating missing sprinkler valves, Environmental sensors, Filter cleaning/Replacement, Valve Locating/Replacement, Raising/Lowering/Replacing heads, Relocating heads/pipes, Leak locating, Cleaning around Sprinkler heads, Locating Damaged Wire, Lake Screen Cleaning, Coverage Check, and more!

We offer a full range of commercial sprinkler services including but not limited to Sprinkler repair, emergency repairs, system installations, office buildings and parks Irrigation, school Irrigation, medical campuse Irrigation, retail Irrigation, multi-unit Irrigation, municipal building Irrigation, and more!